Written by Clifford Sta. Monica

I disagree with your comparison of Andrew Bynum to Dennis Rodman. Rodman may have been eccentric, but whenever he stepped on the court he gave 175%. I can’t say that about Andrew. Having watched his entire checkered career–such as it was–with the Lakers, he would play up to his potential for a game or two, and then play like Benoit Benjamin or Stanley Roberts for the next five. To me, overall he played like former Golden State Warrior center Joe Barry (Just Barely) Carroll. In other words–18 to 23 points per game, 8 or 9 rebounds per game and indifferent defense in the paint (unless he really happened to feel like exerting himself on a given night).


No one will ever know if Andrew’s lassitude is  mostly a consequence of knees that always hurt him when he ran and jumped, or if his bewildering mediocrity (given his obvious gifts) is indicative of laziness and nothing more…


From all accounts he’s a highly intelligent individual who builds computers and modifies high-performance car engines in his spare time. But he leaves a lot to be desired in the maturity department. I hope he wakes up and gets it together someday soon. If he doesn’t it would be a terrible waste of God given ability.



Sta. Monica

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