When Colt McCoy came to the San Francisco 49ers, Jim Harbaugh immediately took a liking to him. In June without any prompting, Harbaugh named McCoy as Kapernick’s back up. No that the season is about to start there are once again all kinds of Colt McCoy trade rumors floating around the NFL.

McCoy played a considerable amount of  time in the game against the Vikings last night. He looked to be off to a great start and then the unthinkable happened, he threw an interception. McCoy wants to be a 49er.

He is giving it his best shot and he did lead the team down the field on a 91 yard drive that led to a 49ers touchdown. McCoy went 11 for 15 in the game for 109 yards and had a longer per pass completion than the starting quarterback.

The receivers drop a few of McCoy’s passes too. If they would have caught those balls, McCoy would have had a heck of a game. Colt McCoy is a gamer, he was the winning-est college quarterback of all time.

Harbaugh can see McCoy has the ability to play in the NFL, he can see McCoy is a guy that can make things happen both with his arm and his feet. He can help the 49ers win given the opportunity. It is going to be interesting to see what happens to Colt McCoy this week.

Harbaugh did say he is very confident to have Colt McCoy as his back up following last night’s game.




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