Felix Hernandez was close to becoming the highest paid pitcher in all of baseball. Now suddenly, the Seattle Mariners are very concerned about a condition with his pitching elbow. Hernandez who is just 26-years-old is having a bit of a problem with his throwing arm. That is a big problem for the team if they are going to give Hernandez $134.5 million of guaranteed money over five years. Is the team nuts? Give a pitcher that much guaranteed money and then find out the guy can’t pitch or worse yet he may need a surgery to miss a season.

If the Mariners give Hernandez that much money guaranteed they are looking for problems. That is far too much money to put a guarantee on, this guy is a pitcher and his arm goes through a beating that adds years of wear and tear on it each time he throws a complete game. You can’t guarantee that kind of money to a pitcher, it is a stupid idea. They need to take Hernandez to the very best doctors and have his arm examined and they better make sure he doesn’t have a problem. If they don’t do that and they give him guaranteed money like the reports are saying, then the team deserves what ever happens.

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