The Way the New York Giants season has gone, I find myself almost feeling sorry for Eli Manning and his team. No one in their right mind could have seen an 0-5 start coming for the Giants. It is now coming to the point of finger-pointing. Even Phil Sims came out and found it necessary to make a statement as to the Giants situation.

Sims, said you have to place a lot of the blame on the quarterback. He must have forgotten how it feels to lose. Manning has done everything he can to get his team to win. He can’t very well throw the ball to himself. He needs to have to cooperation of the entire offense.

Losing some of his play makers hasn’t helped the Giants offense this season. Going into Soldier Field and trying to beat the Bears, isn’t going to be an easy task. The team is improved this year and the Giants defense is going to get tested by Cutler.

The Giants need to play good football tonight. They have to avoid making mistakes and they have to get off to a solid start. If they can do that and Manning can keep his offense on the field, I think they might find their first win. To see the New York Giants drop to 0-6, would be more than most could handle.

The head coach Tom Coughlin would have to seriously consider getting out of football if they lose this game tonight.

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