It has been 5 days since Ricky Stenhouse caused his girlfriend to be involved in the crash on lap 319 in Charlotte. Patrick is finally ready to talk to the media about it. She said she expected questions about the incident.

The funny part is, Patrick thinks that Brad Keselowski caused the crash to take pace. This is when that old saying “Love Is Blind” comes into play.Others clearly think her boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse caused the crash that took Patrick out of the race in Charlotte.

Yet, Patrick thinks it wasn’t his fault. her car owner wanted to choke Stenhouse after the crash took place. Patrick wouldn’t even talk to Stenhouse on the way home last Sunday night. She was pissed to say the least.

This relationship between Patrick and Stenhouse is going to cause problems in NASCAR. It wasn’t a good idea from the drop of the green flag. People surrounding the situation knew it and they kept their opinions to themselves.

The next time Patrick is involved in an incident that includes Stenhouse, we will see the temper of hers I’m sure. She did well last Sunday to keep her mouth shut, that isn’t easy for Danica Patrick.

We have seen her lose her cool for things that had less of an impact on her racing career than the crash with Stenhouse. Things are going to heat up quickly between the 2 of them, the next time there is an incident, you can bank on it.



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