Danica Patrick has problems getting through a NASCAR race. Because of her problems making it to the end of a race without crashing the car, she often times looks for excuses before the race even starts. This week her concern or excuse includes point the finger at Jacques Villeneuve being in the field.

Patrick should consider keeping her mouth shut and driving the car. If she drove half as good as she talks she would have found the winners circle by now. Patrick needs to make excuses for her in abilities to drive a clean race.

Villeneuve is a world-class driver and he has shown he can  compete with the best of them,Patrick on the other hand has not. Patrick has a great race team behind her and the car she tires to drive. All she has to do is show up each week and drive the car.

She proved in Michigan last week she has trouble doing that. She could not get the car up to speed. Now that she has to battle the best in the world she is back to making excuses again. Try just getting in the car and driving a good race Danica.

You might be surprised as to what comes next. Maybe you’ll be able to finish the race without having a crash. But something tells me that isn’t going to happen. If Danica is afraid to get on the track with Villeneuve, the team should consider getting another driver.

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