First it was Super Bowl XLVII when Colin Kaepernick failed to beat the Baltimore Ravens, now it was last nights game against the Seattle Seahawks. Both games were huge in Kaepernicks, young NFL career. he lost two of the biggest games he has played in this year.

Is this a sign of things to come from Kaepernick? Is he going to be labeled as the guy who can’t win the big games? He at least made a showing in the Super Bowl. Last night he looked terrible. I’m not sure if is a result of poor coaching or what his problem was against Seattle last night.

Kaepernick couldn’t do anything right in the game. He threw 3 interceptions and he failed to drive his team into field goal range most of the night. For the San Fransisco 49ers to be taken as a serious threat to win a Super Bowl, Kaepernick is going to have to elevate his game to a higher level than what we saw last night.

Sure the crowd was loud and he had trouble hearing, even the Seahawks struggled to hear at times and Wilson certainly performed at a level higher than Kaepoernick did.

Harbaugh has to be disappointed with the showing his quarterback made last night. Hell, he has to be disappointed in the entire team as well as himself too.

The 49ers didn’t live up to the hype that surrounded the team coming into the 2013 season and they certainly didn’t live up to the hype surrounding the game they played last night.

Kaepernick has to dig deep and do some soul-searching if he is going to take his game and his team to the next level…What he did last night is Unacceptable.

Is Colin Kaepernick earning the label “He Can’t Win The Big Game”?   Let us know what you think, leave your comments below……


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  1. Tim

    I don’t know the NFC championship is a pretty big game and he looked great there. 9ers looked just as ugly in Seattle last year–better to get kicked in the teeth earlier rather than later, hopefully Kap just learns from it (and Harbaugh takes a look at his rushing game, which they seem to be abandoning)

  2. Jus

    This is Garbage. This is the first really stinker he has played in. He’ll be back next week.

    • LG

      It is also the second big game in a row he lost if you count the super bowl….This shouldn’t be looked at like it was just another game, this was one of their biggest rivals…..

  3. Delayne Horton

    Seriously, this is the worst report I have read so far. Although the score was lop-sided, to say that Wilson played at a higher level is ridiculous. Kap rushed for 82 yards to Wilson’s 33 and Kap only passed for 15 yards less than Wilson. If you take the 51 yard pass away from Baldwin then Wilson does not fair so well. It was not a good game for either team. From the weather to the noise to injuries to penalties made for a tough game and a loss for the 49ers. Excuses these may be but you can put Manning in the same position as Kap and have the same results. Lets see what happens when they meet in SF. Its way too early to dub The Kap as “He can’t win the big game.” Please get real. Kap hasn’t even played a whole season yet.

    • Anonymous

      What a stupid article.

    • JJ

      spoken like a true fortywhiner fan…kap played like crap. he threw 3 picks, but really it was just seattle’s dominate defense that executed and pushed their will on SF. they couldn’t run, they couldn’t throw. they were on lockdown, stop making excuses. he got killed last time he was there…when seattle played in SF they only lost by 7 not 26. you might have been better with Alex Smith:)

  4. Larry McKenzie

    Im with everyone else on hear Kaep has been amazing in his short career this story is just plain stupid

  5. Tiffany

    Give the kid a break. Last time I checked football was a team sport. You can’t expect Kap to win the whole game himself. He has to rely on his team to help out, and from the looks of it last night, Kap was not the only one who looked horrible. Penalty after penalty the 49ers gave away crucial yardage to the seahawks. Every game is a learning experience for the rookie quarterback and he plays with such heart and passion that I know he blames himself for the loss, but come on people, give him a chance. He hasn’t even started a complete season. Kap has all the necessary tools to become a great quarterback.

  6. Jeremy Strief

    I think your a joke to even write about this the guy hasn’t even played a full season. Can’t you think of something better to waste our time with!!! I think NFC championship game is A LOT BIGGER than some regular season game by the way!

  7. Rob

    Its not Colin, they shrink the playbook too much to try to protect him, they need to just et him play balls to the wall.

    • BEN

      rob, I saw it exactly the way you did. kappy plays best when he plays like himself

  8. John

    He has not yet played ONE FULL YEAR… his 10th start was the SUPER BOWL. And people are saying this???

  9. Aric

    lol… Gimme a break LG. He had a big comeback agains New England, and an even BIGGER comeback in the NFC Championship. In his FIRST year as a starter. He is gonna go through some growing pains obviously, and to sit there and crap on him in he second year in week 2 is laughable. Are you an intern that was given the opportunity to do your own piece on this site? Did your uneducated thoughts not cross the desk of the editor before being publicized? Hows about you wait until the end of the season before you start spouting off about him being a bust?

  10. CLauer

    Wait see ,more pressure being main guy no more a smith if you play bad to compete with each guy bail other out

  11. Anonymous

    HELLOOO! it’s only the 2nd game. Just looking forward to to the next game in December that’s the 8th, and well see what the story is going to be.

  12. Becca

    I watched Drew Brees throw 4-5 interceptions in one game! Does that mean he can’t win the big one? Of course NOT!

  13. Seattle49er

    I would put the blame on GM Baalke and Coach Harbaugh and not on the players. This loss was not because of the players. It has to do with drafting the right players, a good game plan and taking into account the issues surrounding the Seattle 12th man. Now the 49ers are the last team to win in Seattle against the Seahawks, so it’s not like Harbaugh doesn’t know how to deal with noise. But the game plan for the game didn’t seem to address the issue. On the draft side, much has been made of Tank Carradine and Lattimore but in hindsight, it would have been prudent to have drafted Sheriff Floyd as well. Harbaugh should have taken a page from Walsh and obtained players who could help defeat the Seahawks. Walsh got Fred Dean to offset the advantage of the Dallas Cowboys. As to game planning, another Walsh book covers the issue that a perfectly designed pass play that is perfectly executed cannot be stopped. I really believe the 49ers have the players, but they are missing a coach with a sound game plan and, instead, he is enamored to hire his old Fullback instead of looking for better secondary help.


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