First it was Super Bowl XLVII when Colin Kaepernick failed to beat the Baltimore Ravens, now it was last nights game against the Seattle Seahawks. Both games were huge in Kaepernicks, young NFL career. he lost two of the biggest games he has played in this year.

Is this a sign of things to come from Kaepernick? Is he going to be labeled as the guy who can’t win the big games? He at least made a showing in the Super Bowl. Last night he looked terrible. I’m not sure if is a result of poor coaching or what his problem was against Seattle last night.

Kaepernick couldn’t do anything right in the game. He threw 3 interceptions and he failed to drive his team into field goal range most of the night. For the San Fransisco 49ers to be taken as a serious threat to win a Super Bowl, Kaepernick is going to have to elevate his game to a higher level than what we saw last night.

Sure the crowd was loud and he had trouble hearing, even the Seahawks struggled to hear at times and Wilson certainly performed at a level higher than Kaepoernick did.

Harbaugh has to be disappointed with the showing his quarterback made last night. Hell, he has to be disappointed in the entire team as well as himself too.

The 49ers didn’t live up to the hype that surrounded the team coming into the 2013 season and they certainly didn’t live up to the hype surrounding the game they played last night.

Kaepernick has to dig deep and do some soul-searching if he is going to take his game and his team to the next level…What he did last night is Unacceptable.

Is Colin Kaepernick earning the label “He Can’t Win The Big Game”?   Let us know what you think, leave your comments below……


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