Welcome to Philadelphia to Chip Kelly and from the rumors Pat Shurmur. Is Kelly stupid? The guy wants to have Pat Shurmur, the latest recipient of the worst coach in the NFL award run the Eagles offense. All Kelly had to do was watch a few of the Browns games when Shurmur didn’t know his head from his you know what to know Shurmur doesn’t belong on a NFL coaching staff as an offensive coordinator. Shurmur is terrible at calling plays. He lacks any kind of imagination and continually watched as his offense went into the red zone and failed to score.

Shurmur now is the proud owner of the NFL’s Worst Coach of 2012, According to Grantland.  The Eagles have yet to formerly announce their assistant coaches, I wonder if Chip Kelly and company are reconsidering the poor choice of adding Shurmur to the coaching staff. If Kelly wants to have success in the NFL he should distance himself away from guys like Shurmur. Kelly is going to have growing pains going to the NFL from Oregon, why should he make them any worse hiring a moron like Pat Shurmur?

If Chip Kelly is smart he would stay away from Pat Shurmur. He would have a court order that limits how close Shurmur is to Philadelphia. Chip Kelly has to keep Shurmur away from his Eagles offense.


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