If it isn’t broken, why fix it? That is the question we should be asking the Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly. For some strange reason they want to mess around with Nick Foles release time. Foles was one of the best down field passers in the 2013 season and the guy is still learning how to play in the NFL.

Foles doesn’t throw a ton of interceptions and he isn’t taking a ton of sacks. If you force Foles to throw passes before he is ready, nothing good can happen. The Chip Kelly arrogance is taking control in Philadelphia, and if he insists on  messing around with the way Foles throws the  football, he is going to be sorry.

This kid is a great quarterback, I could understand if he was making bad decisions, but he isn’t. Foles finished the 2013 season just outside the top 10 list for QB’s. Consider how great the Eagles running game was, I would say he did pretty good. Lets not for get the fact that the Eagles didn’t start Foles in every game in 2013.

He only started 10 games in 2013 and still finished just outside the top 10 list. Now lets mess  with his release and see what happens in 2014. Not a smart idea Chip Kelly. I would think you should reconsider and let the kid do what he does best, and throw the ball down field.

After all it takes a few seconds for the receivers to become open. Leave Foles alone…..

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