Carson Palmer has a very high opinion of himself. This all started when he was going to sit out in Cincinnati and it is continuing in Oakland as he refuses to renegotiate his contract. Palmer is now making statements that he wouldn’t mind going to the 49ers or the Cardinals.

Is this guy for real? What makes him think the 49ers would be remotely interested in a 33-year-old was up quarterback scheduled to make a boat load of money. All Palmer has to do is fix his contract in Oakland to remain a Raider.

Of course he won’t cooperate. He has a history of not cooperating with NFL teams. No one wants to pay this guy the kind of money he is set to get. His days in the NFL are coming to an end. If he thinks someone is willing to meet his demands he has to be an idiot.

What has Palmer done lately? The Raiders finished their 2012 season with a 2012 record. That is nothing to be proud of. If Palmer can’t see he has a problem, maybe he should consider getting some professional help.

For him to even consider going to the 49ers is further proof that he is mentally challenged. Palmer isn’t durable enough to play for the 49ers. What is he thinking? They have their franchise quarterback in San Francisco and it will never be Carson Palmer.

Palmer is a classic example of the old saying “there is no I in team.” All this guy thinks about is himself and if the NFL couldn’t see it from his Pryor behavior in Cincinnati, people are wearing blinders.

Carson Palmer has got to come back to reality. He better do it soon. Lower your price Palmer and stay in Oakland, nobody else is going to pay you that amount of money.

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