The Denver Broncos are coming off their best two seasons in years. Largely due to the efforts of their quarterback Peyton Manning. There has been plenty of speculation about Manning’s retirement. Now with the Browns firing their GM and CEO, you have to wonder if Manning is considering going to work in the front office.

It’s no secret Manning and Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III are friends. The Haslam family has long been support of football in Tennessee and Manning played his college football in Tennessee. But that this connection mean Manning would give up his professional football career and go to work for Haslam.

Jimmy seems to think so. When he bought the Browns back in 2012, the topic of Manning was discussed with the media. But would Manning actually relocate to Cleveland, Ohio? Some think it is a possibility. Some think Haslam and Manning’s relationship is strong enough for Manning to take a job with the Cleveland Browns.

We think Manning is going to return and play the 2014 season with the Broncos. With the records he set in 2013 it should be easy for him to catch Favre this season.

Manning still has plenty of love for the game in his heart. He loves every aspect of the NFL. If he said it once, he said it a million times, until that passion is gone, he will continue to play in the NFL. We don’t see it gone yet and neither does anyone else.

If Manning were to take a job offered by the Browns, it isn’t going to be this season.

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