Who said Tim Tebow’s days in the NFL were over? You can see now, that person was not telling the truth. Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have reached for some help from the heavens above by signing Tim Tebow today.

The Patriots have offensive play caller Josh McDaniels, the man who drafted Tebow to the Broncos. I can imagine him talking to Belichick for weeks over a Tebow signing. Belichick himself came out a couple of weeks ago saying he didn’t hate Tebow, that had to be the first step in the Tebow signing.

The Patriots need to win football games this season. They must feel like Tebow can help them do that. Otherwise they wouldn’t have reached out to the Tebow camp and made this signing. Tebow is to report to the Patriots mini camp tomorrow.

There will be a new era in Patriots football this season. The Tim Tebow era. What the team is going to do with the quarterback is left to our imagination. We all know Belichick has one of the best imaginations in the NFL.

I for one cannot wait to see Tim Tebow in a Patriots uniform. The help Tebow brings from upstairs won’t hurt the Patriots either.


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