Well the real Andy Dalton please stand up. The guy we saw last night that completed only 14 of the 28 passes he threw couldn’t possibly be the real Andy Dalton, or could he? Dalton had a terrible performance, the worst of the season by far. If someone would have said Dalton would finish the game against the Steelers with just 105 yards passing and wanted to bet you, would you have taken that wager? You better believe you would have.

Dalton threw for 381 yards a week earlier, he hasn’t had a game when he has thrown for just 105 yards all season. As a matter of fact Dalton averaged over 200 yards for every game he played in 2011. The kid is regressing. The Pittsburgh Steelers defense has had problems all season long. The Steelers pass defense is ranked number 2 in the NFL and they average around 185 yards a game in passing yards given up. Dalton is having his problems this season. The Bengals have lost their last three games including one to the Browns who didn’t win a game until they faced the Cincinnati Bengals for their second meeting of the season.

Andy Dalton is a better quarterback than we saw last night. He has a list of very talented receivers on his Bengals team. Dalton needs to regroup and find the missing link to put the Bengals offensive attack back together again. If Dalton can’t do that, the Bengals are in for a real disappointment for the remaining games this season. It is time for Marvin Lewis to sit down and coach his young quarterback. Lewis has to pull this kid back into reality.




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