The Pittsburgh Steelers just got past the Philadelphia Eagles to get their second win on the season. Ben Roethlisberger didn’t complete a touchdown pass in the game. How many times can you remember Roethlisberger playing the complete game without throwing a touchdown pass?  The Steelers aren’t playing the kind of football the people in Pittsburgh are used to seeing.  Their quarterback who has been the anchor of the team is having his share of problems this season.

Roethlisberger threw for only 207 yards as the Steelers had to kick a field goal to get a win over the Eagles.  Big Ben didn’t throw for a touchdown and the Steelers have only won 2 out of their 4 games in 2012. The Steelers made a lot of changes this off-season to their offense,  sometimes change isn’t good.  The Pittsburgh offense was better last season and the Steelers are paying the price for these changes.

Big Ben isn’t performing to the level we are used to seeing.  If the Steelers are going to compete for the AFC North,  Roethlisberger and his Pittsburgh offense have to get things going. Right now they are just a game behind the Bengals in 3rd place in the AFC North and 2 games back of the Ravens.  It is time for Roethlisberger to turn it up a notch.


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  1. Bruce

    WOW. You haven’t been paying attention this season or don’t like Big Ben. Coming into the game Ben was and still is a top QB. They are 2 and 2 because of the defense letting down. He has been playing great. He’s the highest rated QB on 3rd down, the money down. And last I checked he enginerred a 6 minute plus drive to bring the Steelers down the field for the game winning drive.

    • LG

      Bruce, you bring up great points. I am just used to seeing Big Ben throwing impossible touchdown passes into the end-zone. It brings a level of excitement to the Steelers games…For him to go without one in a game makes me wonder if he is slowing down….

    • D

      Didn’t Ben go for 300 something yards and a bunch of TD’s against Oakland……

      I’d say he’s still there. They have some work to do but they’ll be ok.

    • Ed

      LG, You failed to mention the 5 dropped passes, the 4 holding calls–on just one guy, and the fact we finally found our running game. Ben was very elusive and frustrated the eagles D line. Ben was Ben for 3 scoring drives and he will be fine, and barring major injury, continue to be an elite Q.B. in the N.F.L. for at least another 5 years.

  2. Anonymous

    the d lol

  3. Brian

    Everyone, Ben is not slowing down, after yesterdays game Roethlisberger’s quarterback rating was still OVER 100. Calm down, this is a stupid, poorly written article.

    • LG

      Hey Brian are you telling us Ben is still the guy he was 3 years ago?

      • Anonymous

        No, he’s BETTER.

    • Jim V

      I agree, the most inane article I think I have ever had the displeaure of reading. Mindless, to say the least.

      • LG

        Jim V, it isn’t that bad. I used to seeing Big Ben throw some touchdown passes. He always pulls off some kind of heroic act when he is in a close game. Sure he had some dropped passes, they always do.

  4. sergeant stiller

    Wow, guy goes one game without throwing a td pass and we see that as a sign of a career winding down? Over react much?

  5. ted strazzi

    You didn’t watch the game. You shouldn’t write articles after reading the stat sheets and pretend you know what your talking about. I saw Ben throw at least two TD passes in that game. One was dropped by Antonio Brown and the other one Jerico Cotchery tripped over his own feet running into the endzone. Arguably, Mike Wallace had a drop also that could of ended up in the end zone. On top of that, Mendenhall’s TD was really a swing pass that got ruled a lateral because he was slightly behind Ben when he caught it. Not sure what you expect the poor guy to do. Winding down? You are having reality lapses. Ben just turned 30 and is early in the prime of his career. He has 6-8 yrs left barring catastrophic injury and they will be his best years.

    • LG

      Ted calm down. I just asked the question if his career was winding down. Everyone suffers dropped passes in the NFL…It is part of the game. I am just used to seeing Ben come through and throw an heroic T.D. to save games that’s all…

      • ted strazzi

        OK, but here is the reality. They had 5 drops and about 100 yds in penalties yesterday. A couple of those penalties negated big plays. That’s why they didn’t score much in that game. His whole receiving core, except Cotchery are playing their first NFL contracts and he makes them look like all pros.

        He hasn’t had a functional offensive line in front of him since Russ Grimm left. The past two seasons, it is very apparent that our aging defense lacks the endurance to close games out in the 4th quarter crunch time. Ben faces more 1st and 20 situations than he does 3rd and 4. He gets hit, pressured, sacked and beat to a pulp more than any QB in the league. Those are the real issues that we should be discussing.

        • LG

          You are right about the O-Line Ted, that is why I was excited to see them draft David DeCastro, shame he went down he could have been a big help. Ted you do a great job with your comments, have you ever thought about covering the Steelers for a site like this one? It’s a fun thing to do and you show some passion for it too in your replys..

      • saneman

        You did more than wonder.
        “Big Ben didn’t throw for a touchdown and the Steelers have only won 2 out of their 4 games in 2012. The Steelers made a lot of changes this off-season to their offense, sometimes change isn’t good. The Pittsburgh offense was better last season and the Steelers are paying the price for these changes.”

        • LG

          Agreed totally

  6. mike wormack

    Are we talking about somebodies Madden 13 season or reality here? For starters the two games we lost could be attributed to late game meltdowns by the Defense. Ben actually was the catalyst who enabled Pittsburgh to crush their opponents in time of possession in both losses, which more times than not lead to wins. Second his QB rating is 100 hardly a number showing decline. Third the game yesterday would not have been as close if receivers would have held on to the ball and kept their footing. Pittsburgh may have issues, but it is defenityly not Ben, you may not see it, but thank goodness the Steelers coaches and front office do.

    • ted strazzi

      thanks Mike…couldn’t agree more

  7. PA2AK

    Ben is playing lights out so far this season. I don’t know of anyone that has actually watching him play this year that would say otherwise. I and soooooo many others would say that he is having one of, if not the best personal years. Steelers as a team are another story. Not to get vile, but have you even watched Ben through the first 3 games…and if you have were you too busy paying attention to your fantasy team? I honestly and objectively think that you have no clue what you are speaking of on this subject.

  8. Vince

    He won the Superbowl vs. the seahawks with 158 passing yards. Sometimes a win is a win. Small tweaks during the year will fix the problems.

    • LG

      Vince you hit the nail right on the head a win is indeed a win and I don’t how you get them as long as you get them….

  9. KD

    dude you shouldn’t be writing articles about the steelers if u dont follow them… did u miss the first 3 gms where ben’s been better than ever (yds,completion percentage,TD vs INT ratio,rating…)? Did u see brown drop a long ball TD and then a coupld 3rd down perfect throws or when wallace tried to haul in a pass with his forearm for some reason that ben perfectly threw which would’ve gone for a good 20-30ydsmaybe even a TD? yaa i guess u missed all that, and u only checked the stats add those drops and ben would had another 300yd game with a couple TDs.

    • LG

      KD, I just asked a question about if Ben is winding down…He took a beating over the past 8 years or so. I was wondering if he is winding down at all….I didn’t say he wasn’t still great….

      • KD

        these two parts of your article may lead a reader to think you are sauggesting he’s losing it: “Their quarterback who has been the anchor of the team is having his share of problems this season” and “Big Ben isn’t performing to the level we are used to seeing”

        for the first time since his first super bowl ben is getting really good pass protection, and his stats and decision making are as good as ever, so I dont think the beating has any effect on big ben… plus haley’s passing game helps ben get rid of the ball quick most of the time,hence taking less hits unlike when he was playing in BA’s circus/backyard style of an offense where everything about the routes were predictable, so ben had to scramble for his life to create plays taking body shots left and right… if this trend keeps up look for ben to play for a very long time

  10. axel718

    Did u not watch the game against Oakland? Did you not watch the Jets game?? The way the offense first struggled had alot to do with the Eagles defense and the O-line along with the non stop cascade of penalties. Ben has thrown one interception so far this year. So he didnt have a touchdown pass against Philly, big deal. Would u rather have him throw 3-4 TD’s, 350 yards and lose????

  11. SteelerFanMom

    Actually, my concern for Ben is that the way he plays will cut his career short. He’s taken a lot of hits and suffered a lot of injuries already in his career, so I think as Steeler fans we need to be “steeled” if you will for when that finally takes too great of a toll. But, I think it is completely valid to say that, strictly in terms of his football smarts, he is at his height. He’s playing incredible ball, in my opinion. I don’t see where you’re coming from at all.

  12. JAMESH

    This is a joke, right? Your analysis of the current Steelers situation makes it entirely evident that your brain on the edge of a razor blade would look like a BB rolling down a four-lane highway. Your logic has all the strength of the shadow of a starving pigeon. Please STOP writing, immediately. Thank you.

    • LG

      Come on Jamesh, haven’t you wondered at all if Big Ben has slowed a little? All I did was ask the question, the answer is either yes or no…No sense in insulting others here. Would you like to cover the Steelers and publish your opinions here? You do have a way with words, I’ll give you that….

      • JAMESH

        As fact, no…… I haven’t even once wondered if Ben is slowing down. Quite the contrary; I believe he is just starting to peak and we are going to see him take his talents to an entirely new level. As for the perceived insults, I stand by them. Nothing personal….I just cannot comprehend someone even asking the question if they are at all paying attention to the Steelers.

      • JMS55

        I agree totally with Jamesh. Yes, I think that Jamesh could cover the Steelers better than you. What hole have you been living under? Do you watch the games? I happen to think that Ben is playing lights out and possibly could have the best year of his career. Here’s a stat that you failed to mention: Ben has thrown only 1 INT all season. Name one other QB with that stat?? The great Tom Brady has thrown how many and the greater Peyton Manning is worse. Not to mention the QB that gets a higher rating than Ben with the media in Vick. Vick is a human turnover machine. The Steelers struggles this year is not because of Ben. The wins however ARE!! Get a life!!

  13. saneman

    I am not quick to namecall, but this is one badly written blog entry. How the hell does one write something based on a box score. Watch the freaking games before you attempt to write some analysis. If you are wondering, place it in the comment section of someone who knows what he is writing about.

    You do realize there were numerous crucial dropped passes, or WRs slipping(twice negated possible TDs), bad penalties by Colon.

    Ben played well enough to put 24 points at least against Philly.

    Also, there is an emphasis on him getting sacked less so he can be healthier when it counts. So you are going to sacrifice some passing yardage numbers for that as the quick short pass is emphasized. Ben is free to go for the big play when it warrants. His only bad plays came in two situations int he Denver game. otherwise, he is playing some of his most consistent football.


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