There are a lot of experts picking the Cincinnati Bengals to take the AFC North this season. Is Dalton ready to take his team to the top of the division? He was perfect in his last preseason performance Thursday night, the team only let him throw one pass.

Dalton looked a little shaky for most of the preseason. He didn’t look as sharp as he did in years past. He has a group of receivers that could be deemed some of the best in the NFL. It is going to be up to Dalton to get them the football.

If the Bengals are going to make the push to the top of the AFC North Dalton is going to have to avoid mistakes. The Bengals finished the preseason at 3-1 and we know that means nothing. The teams defense looks like it has been pumped up by the addition of James Harrison and he certainly will get them ready to go especially when they take on his former team.

Cincinnati is a good young team that needs to show the football world they can be great. This is when Dalton is going to have to show he is a leader. He needs to keep the Bengals in the close games and he needs to be able to help them win.

His performance in the play-offs last year, was questionable when it came down to his decision making. Maybe this year he will show the maturity needed to take his team to the next level. We should find out when the Bengals open their season against the Chicago Bears on September 8th.

I can’t see the Bears being able to stop the Bengals…..

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