How much more of this Alex Rodriguez drama are the American public going to stand for? This guy is putting himself in-line for an Academy Award for best new actor in a new drama. Rodriguez is milking this for all he can. The guy storms out of a meeting and expects people to feel sorry for him.

A-Rod is a cancer for Major League Baseball. He keeps dragging it through the mud and he expects the general population to feel sorry for him. How many times are people going to fall for this act? He is bringing the MLB down to his level and by not banning him for life already, the MLB is falling victim to his game.

Rodriguez isn’t going to come clean. He wants us to think he is the victim and he did nothing wrong. There are plenty of other players in the MLB that aren’t in trouble and the reason is they did nothing wrong. Why is it that Rodriguez is in trouble and they aren’t?

It’s simple, he was involved with the clinic in Florida. His name is on the list and he can’t stand the fact he has no leg to stand on. He has been busted in the past and he was guilty then. Now he is trying to say that MLB is trying to ruin his career.

He expects us to fall for it, that is the funny part. He is dragging this out and he is using every tactic he can to build publicity around himself.  As soon as he stormed out of the meeting with MLB, he goes on a sports talk show. It isn’t bad enough he left, now he wants to take his case to the airways and get people feeling sorry for him.

The guy has made 100’s of millions playing a game. Why anyone would fall for his BS is anyone’s guess. He will continue to exploit this for as long as he can. He is like a cancerous growth that needs to be cut out in order to save the body. In this case the body is Major League Baseball.

Take the appropriate action and ban A-Rod for life, enough is enough already.


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