Jim Irasy the owner of the Colts who picked a bad week to shoot off his mouth about Manning, will find out what a bust the man his team traded a first round pick on is. Trent Richardson hasn’t rushed for 200 yards since coming to the Colts.

In his last game T-Rich rushed for only 40 yards against a team who rush defense is ranked at 17th in the NFL. Sunday when the Colts take on the Broncos, they will be facing the number one rush defense in the NFL this season.

How is the running game going to help the Colts set up the pass this week? It won’t. Richardson will be lucky to make it back to the line of scrimmage the way he dances around before he hits the accelerator. By the time he starts to move forward the Broncos defense will be all over him.

He may even leave this game with negative yardage. Irsay will find out what a bust Richardson really is and why the Browns were so eager to get rid of him. Irsay will go down as the laughing stock of bad in-season trades, remember how proud he was the day the Colts were taken advantage of with this deal?

He couldn’t stay off twitter telling the world what a dynasty he was building. This Sunday he will see the foundation to his dynasty come crumbling down when the Broncos stop Richardson.

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  1. Jhan Corzine

    Well, it’s not a playoff game, so Manning won’t make a fatal mistake.As for Richardson, no he won’t run for 120 or even 70, but we’ll see how the game plays out.


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