By Larry GLicken

Cathal Pendred may be tough in the cage, but when and his girlfriend were walking along a beach, and he saw a man struggling to try and get a baby Dolphin back into the water, he jumped into action and picked up the little Dolphin and spent the next hour trying to make sure the little guy survived.

Pendred was a contestant and the winner of the recent reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter.”

He was walking along the beach and he saw all the commotion taking place and rushed over to see if he could help. Little did he know cameras would capture him trying to save the Dolphin. Pendred noticed the Dolphin was wounded. He got him back into the water and stayed in for an hour trying to make sure the Dolphin would  survive.

The tough guy with a soft heart, was saddened to learn from,  The Irish Whale & Dolphin Group, that the young dolphin washed up in Doonbeg again last night. Pendred sent out a tweet saying he did his best to save the Dolphin.

Now if this happens to you, the proper procedure it to “Leave the animal exactly where it is until help arrives. If the dolphin is injured you could cause further damage by moving it. You may have to help hold it upright, keeping it’s blowhole above water. DO NOT PUSH THE ANIMAL BACK INTO THE WATER. The dolphin stranded for a reason and needs help. Please be aware that when an animal strands, it may be sick. Therefore, please use every precaution to protect yourself from any infectious disease.” this is according to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.

However in Pendred’s case, it was determined that he did the right thing by trying to re-float the little guy.

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