Jerry Jones was showing off his skills in his new Hip Hop Papa Johns commercial. Some fans have said the Cowboys problems are from Jones trying to be the teams president and G.M. and everything else when it comes to running the Dallas Cowboys. Perhaps Jones should be looking for a few big men that have inhaled lots of Papa Johns pizza’s and place them on the Cowboys O-line. The teams offensive line could certainly use the help this season. Hey, with the money a guy like Jerry Jones has he can do just about what ever he wants too. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy Jones Hip Hop style you can click here to see it….! Your Online Store for Licensed NCAA Apparel! Click Here!

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  1. Chris

    This is the reason most not all but most writers SUCK! This is the biggest piece of BS I have ever read! “Jerry go find better O-Lineman” from who? You know football so well tell us who he should go get! I know lets get someone that was cut because they will be so much better than what we have! No even better lets get an undrafted free agent that no one knows about! GET REAL! THIS IS THE KIND OF CRAP, YES CRAP THAT GIVES REAL WRITERS A BAD NAME!

    • LG

      Wow Chris did this hit a nerve or what? Hey you want to cover the Cowboys for USA Sports 360, you think you can do better? We would be glad to have you…You are right about O-linemen not exactly growing on tree are they?


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