Since day one of the off-season Darrelle Revis said he wanted to stay with the New York Jets. Why a corner-back with his talents want to remain in the big Apple is anyone’s guess, there are plenty of teams in the NFL that could have benefited from Revis’s talents.

Many of them would have probably extended his contract to make him an even richer man. Revis always said he didn’t want to be traded. The Jets continually talked about the possibility of trading him and now it looks like he is going to stay on the Jets.

Why does this guy want to be part of Rex Ryan’s three-ring circus act he calls a football team. The jets have a long way to go before the team can be taken seriously. They need to rebuild from the locker room out in New york.

Ryan’s lack of leadership is what got the team to were they are at now. Why Revis wasn’t begging to get traded this off-season makes me scratch my head and wonder what the hell he is thinking. There had to be a legitimate play off team that would have taken Revis off the Jets hands.

Revis is going to put himself through more of the same with the Jets. Things aren’t going to change in New York until they replace Rex Ryan. You can take that to the bank….If I were Revis the only Jet I would want to be part of is the one that would fly me out of New York….

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