The Oakland A’s proved that money doesn’t always buy an owner a winning baseball team. The A’s just complete the sweep of the New York Yankees, yes you read that right. The A’s a team with a payroll of $ 55,372,500  dollars took three games in a row from the New York Yankees who have a payroll of $ 197,962,289 dollars. The A’ beat the Yankees 5-4 this afternoon after winning the three previous games all by one run. Thursday they won 4-3,  Friday the A’s won game two 3-2 and Saturday the Oakland A’s won 2-1.

The A’s completed the sweep of the team with the largest payroll in M.L.B. today with a great effort by their starting pitcher Bartolo Colon who only gave up 4 runs on 8 hits and was able to give Oakland 6-2/3’s innings to help get the A’s the sweep. Oakland’s offense also came through and showed this team has a lot of heart. The A’s were down early 4-0 after four innings.  They couldn’t get any runs from Yankees starter CC Sabathia who looked UN-hittable until the fifth inning.

That’s when the A’s offense finally figured out a way to get some runs on the board. The A’s would get a home run from their third baseman Brandon Inge, then they would cut into the Yankees lead with a Kurt Suzuki home run blast to left field. The Yankees left CC in the game and in the sixth inning Brandon Inge came through with his second hit of the game scoring  Yoenis Cespedes and just like that the game was down to the Yankees having only a one run lead..

The Oakland A’s pitching staff did a great job from there, they held the Yankees to the three runs they already had and in the ninth inning the A’s would get the tying run to send the game into extra innings. The A’s pitching staff held the Yankees scoreless for three more innings and in the 12th the A’s scored the go ahead run to complete the sweep when Coco Crisp pinched hit at the D.H. spot got a base hit that drove in the wining run. The A’s out-shined the men in pinstripes who make on average five times more than the players on the Oakland A’s team. It could only happen in Major League baseball.

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