In 2 minutes and 29 seconds Johnny Manziel was able to drive his A&M team into the end zone to take a 6-0 lead over Alabama. They made the extra point and it was 7-0.

Then Alabama had the ball for 3 and out and guess  what? Manziel took his team down the field in less time during his second possession and they scored again. Saban looked dejected standing on the Alabama side-lines.

He has seen this act before and he couldn’t stop it them. He may not be able to stop it this time around either. Manziel has a match up with his towering receiver Mike Evans that is going to allow him to exploit the Bama defense at will.

Bama had 6 defensive backs on the field and they still couldn’t stop Manziel on his first 2 drives. He rushed for 36 yards on 4 carries and he has already thrown for 102 yards and a touchdown completing 4 out of the 5 passes he has thrown for a 20.4 per average completion rate.

If Manziel continues to play the way he has in this first quarter, Saban and his Bama defense is in for a very long afternoon. At the time of this article, the score is 14-7 in favor of Johnny Football. Stopping Manziel and Mike Evens isn’t going to be easy.

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