The owner of the Dallas Cowboys knows quality when he sees it. That is one big reason as soon as Jerry ones saw one Lawrence Vickers available he went out and signed this work horse to his Dallas Cowboys football team as soon as it was humanly possible. Vickers started his pro football career with the Cleveland Browns, a team that didn’t realize what they had with Vickers until he was gone. Lawrence Vickers was the only reason Peyton Hillis had one good year in the N.F.L. You certainly didn’t think Hillis could run for almost 1200 yards without Vickers in front opening those holes did you? Just have a look at the things Hillis couldn’t do once Vickers left the Browns.

Vickers was also an instrumental part of the Browns special teams, Josh Cribbs is a talented return man in the N.F.L., Cribbs game fell off considerably once Vickers was gone. If you have seen Cribbs busting one long, it was usually Lawrence Vickers you saw out in front busting people out-of-the-way. The Dallas Cowboys have a history of great backs, that history will continue to be written this season once Lawrence Vickers steps foot on the Cowboys field.

Vickers is a guy that is 3 dimensional in the backfield. He can run block, pass block and be Tony Romo’s dump off guy. One thing about Lawrence Vickers is, once he gets his hands wrapped around the football, that is where the ball stays. Vickers has played in the N.F.L. for years and he never puts the ball on the ground. In all the years Vickers has played professional football he has only fumbled the football once.  Lawrence Vickers is as tough as they come, the Cowboys are in a winning situation adding Vickers to their backfield.

This season means a lot to Lawrence Vickers, it will be his first year playing without the watchful eye of his father. Lawrence Vickers is going to play this season with his father watching from above on the right hand side of God. Vickers knows this is one season that is going to be great. Vickers is not only a humble guy, he is also very appreciative to be part of the Dallas Cowboys organization and is welcoming the chance to go out there and prove Jerry Jones right in signing him…..  Vickers told me, Jerry Jones is one guy who truly appreciates the fullback. Vickers is one fullback that deserves appreciation too. He plays the  game with a ton of heart…..

Hey don’t take my word for it, check out Lawrence Vickers on the show. Watch the Video Below…..

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