Cameron Wake was interviewed before the Miami Dolphins played the Cincinnati Bengals. He was asked what it would take to end the 4 game losing streak the Dolphins had going.

Camoron said, the team needed to step up big and play as a team. He said he needed to make some plays and he lived up to what he said.

Wake’s sack of Andy Dalton in the end-zone gave the Dolphins a safety in overtime to give the Dolphins their 4th win of the season after starting off with a 3-1 record, before losing 4 in a row.

Wake played a great game and he helped by keeping pressure on Dalton all night. Not many thought the Dolphins could beat the 6-2 Bengals, but they did.

The Dolphins defense played a great game intercepting Dalton 3 times and sacking him 5 times. Wake had 3 sacks in the game and 2 quarterback hits.

He helped to keep Dalton off balance and he made sure to keep the pressure on the Cincinnati quarterback. His biggest sack gave the Dolphins the win and Wake played one heck of a great football game.

Maybe now the Dolphins can get back on track. They are 4-4 and should be able to pick up some more wins if the defense continues to perform at this level.

With the way Wake is playing, I would suspect they continue to play well. The Dolphins defense is a big reason the team started out winning and with the way Wake played last night, he has to inspire others to pick up their performance too.

The Dolphins defense can help this team win more games.

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