Just because Kobe Bryant didn’t get what he wanted with concerns to Dwight Howard re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, he decided to Un-follow him on Twitter. Bryant should have gave Howard a better pitch, rather than telling him he wasn’t a winner and he should stay with L.A. so he could teach him how to become a winner.

Bryant and Howard didn’t hit it off from the time Howard arrived in L.A.. There can only be one shinning star on the Lakers team and it is clear that star is Bryant and no one is going to take any of the lime light away from him.

Last season the Lakers struggled. The team had a hard time playing like a team and much of the finger-pointing was aimed at Howard. Kobe had plenty of things to say. The Lakers let their head coach go early in the season and some think that was because Kobe was less than happy with him.

Now that Howard decided to pick the Rockets over the Lakers, it is clear there is no love loss between Bryant and Howard. When Bryant decided to Un-follow Howard on twitter he made that point perfectly clear.

Now that Bryant has to come back from a serious injury to his leg, the Lakers are going to have a tough 2013-2014 season. Bryant knows that and this is another reason he was trying to get Howard to stay in L.A. Perhaps Kobe should enroll in a sensitivity class to learn the finer points of negotiating a deal.

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