The 49ers are packing it up and going to Atlanta today. Colin Kaepernick and company will get to the site of this weekends NFC title game to see if they can win the big game on the road. Falcons fans are hoping the 49ers will fall like they did to the Seahawks this season when the 49ers traveled to Seattle. People are thinking the 49ers can’t win this game on the road. Predictions around the internet seem to think otherwise. They all favor the San Fransisco 49ers. Kaepernick is now as popular as Tim Tebow was for his Tebowing move, people all over the country are now Kaepernicking, the move the successful 49ers quarterback made after making a big play in the divisional game. Kaepernick has taken the country by storm. To pull off the move you just have to flex your arm and kiss your bicep.

The Falcons hope to put this Kaepernicking move on hold Sunday. They hope to shut down this new NFL sensation. It won’t be easy, Kaepernick rushed for over 180 yards in his last game. The guy is big and fast. He can throw on the run, he can hurt you running the ball. The Falcons defense is good, but they haven’t faced a guy like Kaepernick in a NFC championship game before either. This game is going to be tough, to say the 49ers will win 31-20 really under estimates the Falcons offense. Matt Ryan has been able to put wins on the board win he had to this season. Can he over come the 49ers defense on Sunday or not? I guess we wait and see.

As far as Kapernick goes, don’t take your eyes off your television screen Sunday. If you do, you may miss him streaking down the sidelines to help his 49ers get into the super bowl. The guy is fast…


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