I’m afraid you’re dreaming….Alexander Ovechkin will need much more than Mike Ribeiro to help him score 50 goals next season, recent successes notwithstanding. NHL coaches are copy cats. They saw how effective John Tortorella’s tight checking scheme stifled Alex offensively and that won’t be lost on other coaches around the league, trust me.

What Alexander will need going forward, is another potent GOAL SCORER (prospect Kusnetsov, perhaps??) that he can play off of. If opponents double him it will open things up for the player on the opposite wing and vice versa.

Since Niklaus Backstrom has forgotten how to put the puck in the net since tallying 33 goals three seasons ago the need for at least one other LEGITIMATE goal scorer is critical to Washington’s Cup aspirations–and I would say they’d be even better with TWO true goal scorers…

Good luck with that now that you’ve traded away Phillip Forsberg for a bag of corn chips, Mike McPhee. You’d better pray that Kusnetsov can finally be persuaded to supposedly live out his dream and come here to play in the NHL. And Tom Martin living up to his potential as a power forward wouldn’t hurt either…3

Written By, Clifford
Santa Monica



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