Rory McIlroy isn’t going to be handed the Fedex cup even though he is the number one player in the world and he won two of the Fedex play offs tournaments, those days are gone. If McIlroy is going to get his on the Fedex cup and the 10 million dollars he is going to have to win this week at the Tour Championship. McIlroy is the world’s number one ranked player, but he got off to a slow start in his first round.  Playing with Woods, McIlroy shot a 1 under par 69. While it is true he hasn’t shot himself out, Rory does have his work cut out for him. The leader board is full if guys who want that Fedex Cup and the 10 million dollars that goes along with it. Who wouldn’t?

Rory McIlroy has shown he can do it, he has come from behind before and won important tournaments. The Tour Championship is one of those important tournaments. You have to wonder if the week off cooled the red-hot McIlroy down just a bit. The pressure of playing with Tiger couldn’t have bothered the young McIlroy as much as the inactivity. The worse thing someone could do who is playing red-hot golf is not play. When a guy is on a roll like the one Rory McIlroy has enjoyed, he just wants to continue to play.

The PGA Tour scheduling a week in between the last play-off and the Tour Championship may have done so to cool a guy like McIlroy off. The PGA likes to keep things interesting. They know people want to see different players win although I don’t think that is the case with McIlroy. I think people wanted to see just how good this youngster could be.   The World has seen a guy dominate the way McIlroy has over the last month since Tiger came onto winning.

While McIlroy is behind the leaders by 3 strokes, I think his second round will tell the story of just how bad he wants to add the Tour Championship and the 10 million dollars to his collection. Hold on folks there is still a lot of golf to be played in the Tour Championship. Some guys may have their fingers on the trophy already, there isn’t anyone who has a firm grasp on it yet….




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  1. sportsbaron1

    The PGA tour won’t have to hand the Fed-Ex Cup to Rory because chances are he’s going to TAKE it.

    PS It looks like Eldrick’s disappearing act started a day earlier that usual–which will make it that much easier for the Wunderkind if Woods doesn’t right the ship tomorrow and QUICK…

    Santa Monica


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