Every time you see LeBron James getting ready for a game, you notice him sitting in the locker room with huge bags of ice on both knees. The 6’8″ James has had problems wit his knees for years. His NBA career could be cut short by the problems he has with his knees. James is not that old but his knees are. People don’t realize how much pounding knees take running up and down the hardwood in the NBA. James had to fight through knee problems last night to help the Heat come back and beat the New York Knicks.

If James has to miss time to rest his knees it could seriously change the momentum the Heat have going into the play offs. The Heat has a great team, but lets face it, James is the guy that gets it done. They haven’t had to go into the play-offs with out LeBron since he has gone to Miami. If the Heat have to try and go on without James for any length of time in the play offs their quest for another ring could end prematurely. It is going to be interesting to see what kind of report James gets on his knees after he sees the Doctor which could be today from what I am hearing…

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