With the Broncos line-backer Von Miller facing a 4 game suspension, you have to wonder if his Super Bowl guarantee is worthless. Von said the Broncos were going to win the Super Bowl this season and he meant every word of it.

Now, Miller is trying to find a way to beat the system instead of the team’s the Broncos face this season. He is appealing the 4 game suspension and he may not be successful. If Von is absent from the Broncos defense for 4 games will his absence be enough to leave a giant hole on the field?

I say the answer to that question is yes. Von is an impact player with the will to get to the opposing teams quarterback. His will to succeed helps the Broncos defense get off the field quicker. Von needs to get this behind him and get on the field any way he can.

Some don’t see his absence as that big of a deal. They are wrong. Having Von missing from the Broncos defense is a problem. It would be the same kind of a problem as an injury to him would cause. The Broncos defense has to have guys that can step in and fill any holes left if he was injured.

The Broncos will miss Von for 4 games if he can’t win the appeal, but they will survive. The team has to be ready if a guy goes down. Will it be easy? No, but they, The Denver Broncos will rise to the occasion and they will play Broncos style football.



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