Is Tony Romo really the championship caliber quarterback that former Dallas Cowboys great Roger Staubach says he is? The answer to that question is No! If Romo was such a great quarterback he would have a Super Bowl ring on his finger by now. The guy has played with Dallas since 2003 and has yet to win a Super Bowl.

It is almost funny how people are trying to pump up Romo for the upcoming season. Romo is his own worst enemy. He has been tagged as the guy who can’t win the big games. We have seen Romo fail time after time when it comes down to crunch time.

With the 2013 season quickly approaching some think they need to pump up Romo. Staubach must feel the need to do that too. Why else would he come out and say Romo is a championship quarterback when Romo has yet to prove he can get the Cowboys there?

If Romo doesn’t have a great season this year, there are going to be plenty of people with their foot in their mouths including Stauback. People have been making excuses for Romo long enough. It is time for him to take charge in Dallas and get them to the super bowl.

That is if he is capable of winning a couple of play-off games. He seems to have trouble doing that too.

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