Tiger Woods and his agent continue to hold a grudge against the Golf Channel. Why? Why would Woods and his agent continue to be mad at people who happened to report the truth?

If Woods didn’t break the rules in golf, he wouldn’t have been assessed the penalties that come along for breaking the rules. Woods and his agent say they are waiting for the Golf Channel to react, they say the ball is in their court.

What are they talking about? What do they expect from the Golf Channel? How can they erase history? Woods was assessed a 2 stoke penalty for breaking the rules of golf at the Masters.

He was assessed other penalty strokes at other golf tournaments this year. How can the Golf Channel change those facts? You don’t get assessed strokes win you don’t cheat.

Woods and his agent are blaming the Golf Channel for their own mistakes, or Tiger’s mistakes. He was assessed the strokes that come along when you break the rules.

When you break the rules by definition you cheated. How in the world can the Golf Channel change the facts of Tiger’s 2013 season? How can they erase that Woods was assessed penalty strokes for cheating at several tournaments in 2013?

The Golf Channel is a powerful media in Golf, but they can’t change the fact that Woods was assessed strokes that come along with breaking some rules in golf.

Like it or not, by definition when you break the rules you have cheated. It can’t be erased Tiger.


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  1. Ben

    Tiger wasn’t penalized for cheating. He was penalized for an illegal drop. Let me give you an analogy. If a football team wins a game, yet their offensive line is called for holding once during the game, do you call the team “cheaters”? No, because they have been appropriately penalized, then you move on. Very much in the same way that Tiger did.

  2. Phil

    Woods did not cheat. He has cameras on him the whole time. He interpreted as he knew them. He was wrong but he did not cheat. That’s why he got the penalty strokes. Chamblee has a problem with Woods. It hurts him to give Woods any credit so he has to find fault. His cheating scandal was 4 years ago. Let it go. His family has moved on and they were the only ones really affected by his cheating. Let’s talk about his golf and leave his personal life out of the conversation.


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