I get a kick out of Tom Coughlin saying he is frustrated with the Victor Cruz deal. if the team is going to be frustrated at all it should be with the head coach himself. Coughlin led the Giants to a huge disappointment last season. To watch a Giants game in November it almost put you to sleep. The teams offense and Eli manning looked like they were sleeping though many of their late season games.

Coughlin was at the center of it. How can a guy who has coached as long as Coughlin has, let a team who just won a super bowl play the way they did? The team looked like they took the year off. Coughlin needs to think about how he is going to handle the situation this season. To see a team play the way the Giants did, when they have one of the best quarterbacks in the game is terrible.

Coughlin is lucky to have something to be frustrated with this season. The Giants should have taken the old man off to the side somewhere and given him a firm talking to. They need to let Coughlin know they aren’t going to put up with any part-time playing in the 2013 season. if he does it again, then he needs to be replaced.

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