We can now see there is trouble within the ranks of the San Francisco 49ers brain-trust. It is time for Jed York to step in and control the situation before he loses his grasp of one of the great coaches, in the modern day NFL.It should be easy to choose Jim Harbaugh over the team’s GM.

Who is down on the field week after week? Jim Harbaugh. Who develops the players and takes them to the play-offs? Jim Harbaugh. Who is in the locker room at halftime trying to rally the troops? Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers have got to find a way to settle this down and they have to keep Jim Harbaugh happy.

Getting rid of Trent Baalke would solve the problems in San Francisco. Harbaugh has a job to do and with the team he coached over the last few years, he could very well end back in the play-offs again in 2014.

Harbaugh is worth keeping as the team’s head coach and he is far more valuable than the GM. This shouldn’t be a tough decision for York. He needs to step up and be the man his parents expect him to be. Back in the day of Ed Debartolo, this situation would have already been handled.

How this could get this far out of control, is anyone’s guess. Now they need to fix it, and the fix is to rid the 49ers of Baalke……



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  1. Russ

    Get rid of Baalke? For the most part, that guy put together a team that Harbaugh is now reaping the rewards from. Maniging draft picks and our Salary Cap…no one could of done better! Harbaugh is a great coach, but SF could very well have the best GM in the League in Baalke. Not only that, it’s been widely reported that Harbaugh is the one who has had issues with multiple individuals in the organization. He’s the problem! From my understanding, Harbaugh wants to be the “top” paid coach and won’t budge! Yeah he has had success, but to demand to be highest paid coach when you’ve never won a SB and it’s known that he’s difficult to work with. Issues with GM’s, President, Staff, Officials, Players (Brandon Jacobs/Richard Sherman as examples)….and yet he doesn’t care! That’s a poor example for a team that likes to spread the wealth and has such great character in their locker room. I really think Harbaugh is a great competitor and coach, but his childish tendencies and lack of self control are toxic! And I just lost a lot of respect for the Browns as well for creating this circus. No wonder that organization is a joke!


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