Is Chip Kelly already playing games in the NFL? First he said he wouldn’t trade Nick Foles now he is telling people “if You are interested in trading for Nick Foles, Bring something big to the table”. I can see the Eagles already made a major mistake taking Kelly on as their head coach. The guy is nuts. He should be asking teams to trade their offensive coordinator if they are interested in  Foles. 31 other teams in the NFL have better offensive coordinators than the Eagles do. The team is already set up thanks to Kelly with someone to blame things on when they lose.

Kelly must have hired Shurmur to be the teams fall guy. If you take a look at Shurmur’s resume, you will see with ease why I say that. The guy sticks, he can’t win his way out of a wet brown paper bag. Now if Kelly does trade Foles and Vick goes down to injury, who is going to replace him with? Chip Kelly has got to be part comedian. He comes to negotiations to become an NFL head coach, has teams wine him and dine him and then walks away. He did the same thing with the Eagles and now he is doing it with the Eagles quarterbacks.

It is too early to tell if Kelly will have success with the Eagles, with the way he is starting out, I would be surprised to see him do better than Reid did in 2012. Good luck to you Eagles. You are going to need it with this nut case running the team.


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