The ownership of the New England Patriots must be lacking in the common sense department lately. If they let Wes Welker test the free agent market they can kiss one the teams best receivers goodbye. I can think of at least 10 NFL teams that would love to have a guy of Welker’s abilities on their roster. Welker wouldn’t last 24 hours before someone makes him a deal he cannot refuse. The Patriots just signed Brady to an extension and if they lose Welker Brady will be losing one of his favorite targets. The Patriots won;t be the Patriots we have come to know without the Brady to Welker hook up.

The front office in New England has to reconsider the choice they are making. The team has to find a way to get to the bargaining table with Welker and his people and they have to stay there until they can all agree on a deal. The team only has 6 days to make the right moves before the risk losing Welker.  This should be an easy choice to make. Get this deal done and make sure Welker stays in New England for at least the rest of Brady’s career. Otherwise you’re looking for trouble when it comes to winning football games.

You don’t let a guy go that caught 118 passes for 1354 yards last season. It is just plain stupid..

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