Bill Belichick was certainly more than a little pissed off after his New England Patriots lost to the Baltimore Ravens by a field goal. The Patriots fought hard all night long, so did Ray Lewis and the Ravens defense. It all came down to the last second kick to give the Ravens the win by one point over Brady and the Patriots. Belichick could accept the fack that the kick was goo and he lost his mind and ran down the ref and grabbed him by his arm to stop him.

That is when Bill Belicheck crossed the line. The NFL just came out last week and warned all the teams in the NFL about what they called berating the Refs, their warning didn’t include anything about grabbing the refs so maybe Belichick is in the clear, but somehow I don’t think so. The NFL is going to have a fit when they see the video, Belichick is bound to get a hefty fine and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Goodell would want to suspend the usually low key Belichick.

Their has to be something about playing the Baltimore Ravens that gets Belichick’s blood boiling. He is going to have hell to pay this week.



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