Say what you want to about the Indiana Pacers Lance Stephenson. Whether you think he is selfish or not, he is a guy who will do anything to help his team win. Stephenson, is one hilarious guy. Last night in-game 5 against the Miami Heat, Stephenson did what ever he could to get under both the skin of LeBron James and the Heats head coach Erik Spoelstra.

I’ve watched basketball for a long time. Never have I seen another player blowing in the ear of the guy he is guarding. This ranks in my top 10, of guys doing whatever they can to disrupt someones focus. Stephenson is a classic. When he was in the Miami Heats huddle, I would have paid to hear what he said to Spoelstra, on the break.

What ever it was, Spoelstra didn’t like it. I’ll bet the viewership is going to increase in-game 6, just to see what kind of stunts Stephenson pulls next.

Not only did Lance give the comic relief, he also provided 12 points in the game. He was clearly injured late in the game, but he played through it.. He also had 5 rebounds and 5 assists to help his Indiana Pacers avoid elimination.

Stephenson is a gamer, he will do whatever it takes to help the Pacers win. The guy deserves some credit for all the stunts he pulled in game 5.



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