If the report is true, the Dolphins coaches gave the order for Incognito to toughen up Martin, then when will the team take action against the coaching staff? Incognito’s career is going down the toilet and no one else is standing up and accepting their fair share of the blame.

This is the National Football League and players are expected to abide by a certain behavior. One of those behaviors is doing what the coaching staff asks them to do. If the truth comes out and the Miami coaches were the people responsible for what took place between Martin and Incognito, what should there punishment be?

Will the team bring back Incognito? They should, it would only be fitting if the guy was doing what the coached had asked him to do. The Miami Dolphins organization is a mess. The coaches should have handled this situation long before it got to this point.

They are the people who should have dealt with Martin. If he wasn’t performing the way he should have, they could have cut him. They shouldn’t leave their dirty work up to a player. They didn’t want to get their hands dirty and now it is Incognito who is the man on the outside looking in.

His professional football career has been ruined and it could be because he was doing what was asked of him by his coaches. The entire situation makes you lose respect for the Miami Dolphins organization. This is like a bounty gate against the teams own players.

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