Rex Ryan’s plan to start Geno Smith at the quarterback position didn’t go exactly the way he thought it would. Smith still needs time in the NFL to figure out where not to put the football. Smith threw 3 interceptions and he could have done worse.

Smith completed 16 of the 30 passes he threw and it shows that Ryan and his offensive coordinators over exposed the young quarterback in his first start of the preseason. Then to make matters worse for the Jets, Ryan puts in Mark Sanchez to play with the back ups.

Is he trying to get Sanchez killed? If he is than he is doing it right. If he isn’t he needs to have his brain examined. Sanchez took a heck of a hit and he could be out for a few weeks. He had some X-rays after the game and is scheduled to have an MRI today.

If Sanchez can’t start the regular season then Ryan has no choice but to start Smith. He and his offense are going to have to rethink a couple of things if that is the case. Smith might be able to figure out that he can’t make everything he attempts.

If he can short things out, he may be able to help the Jets turn things around this season. If Smith’s ego gets in the way and he continues to think he is superman out there on the field it is going to be a long season for the Jets.

The Jets want to air it out this season and they better figure some things out. Ryan only has a couple of weeks left to get it right. Otherwise the Jets are going to have some trouble.

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