By Larry GLicken

Phil Jackson must care enough about the Los Angeles Lakers to come out and criticize the way they are using Dwight Howard. Why doesn’t the man who took the Lakers to 5 NBA championships just return as the team’s head coach? Jackson could get the job in a heart beat if he so desired it. They would help Mike D’Antoni vacate the spot in a matter of minutes. Now that the trade deadline is within a day, Jackson finally speaks up about the misuse of Howard. What took you so long Phil?

When it comes to the way the Lakers should use Howard Jackson had this to say; “They just don’t put the ball in the post.” Do we actually think the Lakers are going to stay with Howard for the rest of the 2012-13 season? The rumors are all over about trading Howard away. With Jackson saying the Lakers have basically eliminated Howard’s assets, I wonder if that will be enough to get this team moving in the right direction. They could just stick with Howard and change the way they approach the games. After all one of the greatest Lakers coaches of all time just told you what the real probelm with Howard is. Now fix it and start going on a winning streak.


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