Are the Denver Broncos trying to put up a smoke screen, or is Champ Bailey really not 100%? The Broncos better find a way to stop the passing attack of Flacco. Last year in the play off game, he burnt Bailey and the Broncos secondary a couple of times. If Bailey isn’t up to playing the Broncos would be better off sitting him and starting someone who would have a chance at stopping Flacco.

It is important to get off to a good start this season for the Broncos. They cannot afford to fall behind in the west right off the start. We knew Bailey was going to be questionable coming into the 2013 season. Father time catches everyone and Bailey is no exception.

We thought Elway would have addressed the Broncos need to strengthen the secondary in the off season and come Thursday night, he could be the first guy sorry he didn’t. Bailey isn’t the same Bailey that he was a few seasons ago. He is older, he isn’t 100% and he has lost a step or even two.

If he can’t be 100% come Thursday night the Broncos would be better off not playing him. If they insist on starting him Flacco will test him quickly and if he can’t do his job, the Ravens will attack him on every opportunity they get. This isn’t the way the Broncos expected to start the season and with no Von Miller, the Broncos defense is already at a disadvantage.

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