The Indianapolis Colts GM, Ryan Grigson could be one of the worse talent evaluators in the NFL. The only team that can compete with him is the old Cleveland Browns. Both team’s have a long history of picking players that went bust in the NFL.

This week, Grigson could have been taken for a ride by the Cleveland Browns. The Colts must have been in the market for a running back. What they may have gotten, is the next great contestant for dancing with the stars. Doesn’t Grigson watch football?

If he did, he would have realized Trent Richardson is by no means a top NFL draft pick. The guy has 105 yards rushing this season and he spends more time doing his little dances before being tackled than he does hitting the holes. Richardson is a good RB out of the backfield.

He is dangerous once he is in the open field. The problem is he doesn’t have the explosiveness to break into the open field as often as he should. Richardson is going to shock Grigson and the rest of the Colts front office, not only does the guy do too much dancing, he has bad legs.

The Colts just gave up a number one draft pick for a running back that has screws in both ankles holding everything in place. If a player just falls on one of Richardson’s legs he could be out for a number of games. Richardson also has bad knees. He has had multiple knee surgically repaired already and had to miss all of his rookie NFL preseason to get his knee surgically repaired.

The Colts front office may have just made one of the worse mistakes in the history of the Indianapolis Colts. When the Colts take on the San Fransisco 49ers this weekend, they will see first hand the Trent Richardson I am describing. He will do very little to help Andrew Luck and his Colts establish a running game.

Irsay is going to go nuts once he sees what his team traded for. Best of luck to the Colts and their new running back. They are going to need it. Especially Ryan Grigson who could be out of a job….



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  1. Stiv Marley

    Beware Colts fans! This moron is a Cleveland Sports writer. He has nothing, and I mean nothing positive to write about. When you read his articles you want to reach out and strangle him.

    • LG

      One of the most honest writers you will ever read Stiv….


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