I have two observations to make about your rant. One is that, as you correctly pointed out, even though the stadium wasn’t filled to capacity for the game against the Angels this past Sunday, there were still roughly two thousand more fans in attendance that day than there normally were  throughout the season–and based on past performances

I’d say that the two thousand or so fans who elected to stay away probably had an inkling that since Ron Washington and his Rangers were about to pull an El Foldo for the third consecutive year, their attendance was a moot point anyway.

As for your characterization of Big Mouthed, “GET OFF OUR FIELD”, under-achieving .273 hitting second baseman Ian Kinsler as a SUPERSTAR, I think you’re exaggerating a bit. No, make that ALOT. This is a guy who, to me, has more natural talent than Dustin Pedroia. He’s hit 30 homeruns twice in his career, and has quick hands.

But he doesn’t get nearly as much out of his ability as his counterpart in Boston does–a guy who, in my opinion, really DOES deserve the title “SUPERSTAR” as far as today’s second  basemen go and is one of the deadliest clutch hitters in either league–something that cannot be said about Kinsler.

And if you think what I’m saying is nonsense I’d invite you to take a poll of the GM’s around the league and ask them who they’d rather have playing second for them–Ian or Dustin. Either that, or just do a simple side-by-side career stat comparison of the two players; that ought to be enough.

Also, over the past five years Ian tends to have lapses in the field and on the base paths at the worst possible times for his team, something that rarely happens with Pedroia, whom the Red Sox just rewarded with a contract befitting of a player who really does deserve his SUPERSTAR billing.

This Ranger club’s record–as I said when the season was still young–is fool’s gold. I knew that they didn’t have what it took between the ears to win–let alone on the field after Jon Daniels got rid of Napoli, Young, Hamilton (and Chris Davis for a ham sandwich two seasons ago).

I don’t know if the guys in their talent pipeline are over-rated (see Mike Olt, who they shipped to the Cubs earlier this summer–or Mitch Moreland who they decided to keep instead of going after Prince Fielder when they had a chance to…) or if (just as likely), Ron Washington is stuck in his ways and makes stupid personnel decisions based on God only knows what (See his insane insistence on running the immortal Dave Murphy out to left field day after day and week after week long after it was apparent that the hot streak he had a couple of years ago was basically a flash-in-the-pan.

Developing Engel Beltre or giving Leonys Martin a chance right from the start would have made a lot more sense–at least to me. I mean, how much worse would things have turned out for the Rangers if he HAD?? Some of the afore-mentioned moves would also have been necessary if only because Texas lost  40% of its starting staff to injury almost before the season began–which meant that they’d need to score more runsin order  to support pitchers who figured to give up more runs than the guys they were replacing.

I think I’ve said enough. It would surprise (and dismay) me if the Rangers stood pat with their coaching staff (particularly RW), to put it nicely. But I’ve been wrong before.

Better luck next year……..I guess…….


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  1. NoWhining

    Although I can’t disagree with your assessment of Ian’s non-superstar status, I’ll never understand why you and so many others in DFW take so much offense when a Ranger, or ex-Ranger, expresses a true but honest view about the fans – even when the opinion is unquestionably supported by the facts and based on reality. From my perspective… Ian is correct. Anyone watching the Pirates/Reds last night witnessed how a baseball town supports their team in a win or go home game. You think the Pirates didn’t live through the same kind of garbage you spewed about the Rangers’ missteps over the last couple of years? We should all be disappointed with Sunday’s game and the fan support and Ian got it right. Monday seemed OK until we all witnessed the Pirates/Reds for a contrasting view between the snoozing in Arlington and the ROCKING in Pittsburgh. But hey… we’re really good at booing Josh Hamilton! So now, should Ian anticipate a slice of the Josh 2014 pie? Should we rally the Ranger sheep to mindlessly begin sharing the Josh 2013 “baseball town” love with Ian in 2014? Maybe Ian should think a bit more before he speaks but he didn’t say anything untrue. The Rangers sheep are significantly outnumbered by great Rangers baseball fans. However, DFW will never be a true baseball town if the sheep population can’t move beyond their sensitivity and mindless ways.


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