We told you before the season got started, Derek Jeter is done with major league baseball. Dozens of Yankees fans rebelled with the thought that Jeter’s career was coming to an end. How long did they expect it to last?

Jeter, already beat the odds. he has been a major league ball player for 18-years. That is longer than most. The guy is 38-years-old, he has a bad ankle that is being held together with pins and plates and he is a short stop.

People have no idea, how much stress is on a ball-players legs. Jeter has to be able to stand in the batters box and plant his feet in order to swing at a ball traveling darn near 100 M.P.H.. Then he has to play in the infield where guys are hitting those fast traveling balls right at him.

How much stress do you think his ankle takes each time he makes a lateral move to grab a ball? The guy is aging. It is now being reported that he is out until after the all-star break. That is 3 months away.

Jeter needs to call it quits. he did his time, now it is time to move onto what ever it is he is going to do after baseball. The last thing a guy like Jeter should do, is wear out his welcome. He has won just about every award in the M.L.B.. There is no way, he should stay and play at less than what people have come to expect from the great Derek Jeter.

Don’t do it to yourself Derek. You know it is time to call it a career. Don’t make yourself look bad after the 18 years of greatness you left on the field. It is time to retire. Do the right thing, get out before you make yourself look like a washed up major league ball player that didn’t know when it is time to quit.

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  1. BaseballGenius

    Just a ridiculous article. He just had a very successful season and he broke his ankle, he will take what needs to be taken to recover and he will play again. Pettitte broke his and has pitched well and Jeter will return,…. just don’t rush him. I’ll bet my house on it!

    • LG

      You’ll bet your house on it, isn’t that a lot to risk?

      • Anonymous

        Probably a renter

      • BaseballGenius

        Jeter will play again….. I’d bet my house AND your house on it!

        • BaseballGenius

          He has a broken ankle, he hasn’t lost a leg or torn an ACL. It will heal if they don’t try to rush him back and I am certain he has more in the tank after what he did last season.

          • LG

            Don’t you think they were already trying to rush him back?

        • LG

          Don’t you think he will lose a step? When you say play again are you talking full time or a spot here or there?

  2. Dave Earle

    C’mon LG get with the program. This isn’t the Mick or “Say Hey” Willie Mays and others of that sort, it is The Captain. There has never been a player of this calibre for years associated with the Yankees. After the all-star break Mr. Baseball will be back and if the crew at the Yankees can hold it semi together, he will,along with Rivera, lead the boys on to #28

    • LG

      Dave, even the Captain has to leave the game sooner of later…..He is 38 years old….

  3. william miner

    Dont put jeter in a wheel chair yet . He has every intention of not embarrassing himself or his team . When its time to go , he will leave but let him choose his own end . We owe him that much for 18 yrs of distinguished serice in the yankee organization . If this is it , then let it be so , but trust in the fact that he will do everything humanly possible to come back this year . If he sees its not working he will go , simple !

  4. BaseballGenius

    The author is saying he will NOT play again… In any capacity and I disagree!!! Mariano at 42 tore an ACL… he returned and has 4 saves. Pettitte retired for a year, came back broke an ankle at 41 and he returned and is 3-0. Jeter needs to get his ankle healed and he will play again for certain!


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