Some say Rono will never win a Super Bowl for Dallas,I have a different take on the game—not on Romo, though; I AGREE!! I don’t trust him any more than I do Joe Flacco or Matt Schaub and for the same reason: with the one notable exception of Flacco’s Super Bowl win, all of three of them will break your heart nearly every time…

This game was more evidence that the NFL is fast becoming little more than a glorified Arena Football League.

No defense; whoever has the ball last figures to win since receivers are allowed to run wild beyond five yards, offensive lines are allowed to hold long enough for Jack Clark to complete a sentence, and quarterbacks have all year to complete passes down-field unless the defensive coordinator orders up blitzes (which all good qb’s pick apart…), This is bullshit. And any fan who’s been watching the game since at least the early seventies or better yet the early sixties knows the difference.



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