Reports are surfacing about the possible trade of Alex Smith. The 49ers benched Smith after he suffered a concussion making him the most expensive back up quarterback in the NFL. Now that rumors about Smith wanting to be released have surfaced, the 49ers said they would be interested in trading the veteran quarterback for a fourth or fifth round draft pick. The Kansas City Chiefs should do what they can to get Alex Smith. They are in need of a quarterback who can win and Smith would look good in a Chiefs uniform.

Smith took the 49ers to the play offs in 2011 and got them off to a great start in the 2012 season. If he didn’t suffer a head injury there is no telling if he would have been replaced. Now that the 49ers have seen what Kaepernick is capable of doing, it doesn’t seem like Smith fits there anymore. Where Smith will be playing next is the question but if I am Andy Reid I would be doing what I could to bring Smith to Kansas City. He already knows how to throw the football to the guys in the red jerseys. Just think what a deal getting Smith would be. Give up a 4th or 5th round pick for a former number one draft pick.



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