Andrew Luck and the Colts had a tremendous season. Luck taken as the number one overall pick in the 2012 draft took his Colts to the play-offs behind the expert tutoring of his offense coordinator Bruce Arians. The Colts made Arians the head coach during Pagano’s absence while he was fighting leukemia.  It seemed  like Luck and Arians were a perfect match in Lucks rookie season. Now with Arians taking the head coaching job in Arizona, Luck could be a little nervous. Arians had a way of making things easy for Luck. How much this will affect Luck’s play in 2013 is yet to be determined.

Arians came to the Colts from the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all heard Ben Roethlisberger complain as Arians left the Steelers. After seeing what happened to Pittsburgh’s offense after Arians departure, the Colts fans have to be wondering if the same is going to happen to them. Andrew Luck will miss Bruce Arians no doubt. Will his absence from the  Indianapolis side lines have the same effect as it did in Pittsburgh will soon be determined.  For Luck I sure hope not….

The Colts better hope Chuck Pagano can stay healthy. With Arians gone, if Pagano falls ill again, it will leave them without the same results of the 2012 season for sure. We all saw what happens in the play-offs with Arians in the hospital….



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