Seeing the Brooklyn Nets kick off their NBA season with a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers was a little odd, but seeming Paul Pierce in another uniform besides the Boston Celtics was just plain weird. Pierce played the same way you have come to expect from him.

He played well and the Nets had a solid game. They lost in the last minutes and it was because of a defensive break down on their part. The team is full of all-stars and you would expect them to win. It is going to take time to digest seeing Pierce come out in the Nets uniform that is for sure.

I don’t know what kind of season the Nets will have but I cam sure Pierce will perform well with his new team. He is a warrior on the floor and he deserves the very best. Hopefully this is the right move for him after being a Celtic since he was drafted into the NBA.

It had to be just as weird for Pierce as it was seeing him. It will take some time to adjust to all the NBA off-season adjustments and Pierce is one of those.

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