It is great to see a guy like Dan Snyder stand up for something he believes in. The Washington Redskins have been the Washington Redskins for 81 years and they are not going to change the name. As far as I am concerned, the Redskins are an American institution and they should stay that way.

Snyder made some great points what the name of this team has meant to so many. He also gave some great examples of why the team is named the Redskins and referenced the polls where American Indians didn’t mind the team’s name.

People like Dan Snyder don’t exist in America these days. A guy that truly stands up for what he believes in is a great example for others to learn from.  Guys like Snyder are what helped make America great.

We need more Dan Snyder’s in this country to get back to the greatness America once had. Each day you see examples of people folding ot pressures of others. Snyder wasn’t going to fold to pressure and because of it, he will keep the team named the Washington Redskins.

That is great news not only to current Redskin fans, but the millions who have been a part of this great institution for the past 81 years. Lets hope people can put this nonsense behind them and move on now.

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  1. Redskinsfan

    Well said!!!


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